Tractor and Mower LED Worklight Kits

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At ROPS Lights, we manufacture LED worklight kits for tractor Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS).  Our LED worklight kits are designed and assembled in Canada, where environmental conditions can be tough, so we build them with better, stronger components.  ROPS Lights LED worklight kits are built to last and to provide brighter light to help you work more safely.  ROPS Lights LED worklight kits use LEDs, which last longer and use far less energy to produce much more light than other lighting systems.  If you are tired of other worklights that aren’t very bright, are poorly constructed, or that won’t adjust easily, you’ve come to the right place; ROPS Lights LED worklight kits are rugged, bright, easy to adjust, easy to install, and are very reasonably priced!  

Each ROPS Lights LED Worklight Kit comes pre-assembled so all you have to do is clamp it on and plug it in!

ROPS Lights LED Worklight Kits draw only 4.5 amps (double LED kit), so they are operable by almost any electrical system.
ROPS Lights LED Worklight kits are plug-and-play and they install in minutes!  No drilling, no welding, no complicated wiring!  Mount above, below or on the side of the ROPS.  They plug right in to the work light circuit that is present on almost all recent tractors or they clamp on to existing wiring with in-line connectors.  Leave them installed permanently or take them off in seconds when not needed.  They do not interfere with folding ROPS.

ROPS Lights LED Worklight Kits include:

  • Mounting Brackets.  The ROPS Lights brackets secure firmly to your ROPS in minutes.  Lights can be adjusted by hand in seconds.  Mount forward, backward, above, below, or on the side of the ROPS.
  • 2, 1755 Lumen LED Lamps with vibration and impact resistant aluminum housings and zinc plated hardware. Unlike rectangular lights, these round lights allow rotation of the lens to maintain the correct beam pattern when mounted above, below or on the side of the ROPS.   The aluminum housing provides a waterproof, dustproof seal.   (All ROPS Lights LED Worklight Kits have a 1 year warranty.)
  • Sunlight resistant wiring harness with water resistant connections and tie-wraps for a neat installation.  All “Weatherproof” rated connectors with heat shrink seal for durability.
  • High capacity switch and switch box.  Switchbox is easily mounted along the ROPS.
  • Easy-to-understand installation instructions with large colour photographs.



One thought on “Tractor and Mower LED Worklight Kits

  1. These have to be the best and easiest light kits to install.i just installed them on my bx2660 and they are great.Easy installation (took about 15 minutes) and they put out a bunch of soft lighting that is not blinding.aNY IDIOT CAN DO IT (I’m proof of that) Don’t hesitate,buy you a kit,you won’t regtret it

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